Sunday, May 12, 2013

Social Studies Sundays: Geography Videos

While teaching Geography and the state capitols, these two videos are ALWAYS shown multiple times in my classroom.  Now I'm not saying this a full proof plan, but I have never had a student fail their states and capitols test after watching these two videos all week.  You can watch the kiddos singing in their head and their lips moving while taking the test and it is just too cute!

This first video is from a cartoon when I was a kid, Anamaniacs.  It's Wakko's 50 States and Capitols Song (he also has a song about the presidents and the continents).  It's to the tune of Turkey and the Straw.  I print off the lyrics for my students so they can sing along at school and home.  It is a fast song but once they've watched it a few times then they get the hang of it.

The Tour the US video is a little more "hip" and the kids LOVE to watch the white board drawing!  One of the things I like about this video is that he includes a visual to help the students remember each of the states and their capitols.

I will say that my students remember Wakko's song a lot better than the second video but they still learn something from both and that is why I show them both :o)

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!


  1. Those videos are great. I'll be sharing them with my fourth grade teachers

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I'll show these to my kids this week!

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