Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Short and Simple Workshop Wednesday: Math Manips

Apparently my body knows that school is coming to an end because it is starting to shut down earlier and earlier these days, so this will be short and simple!  I am linking up with Jessica from Ideas by Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday: Math Manipulatives.  Now you might have noticed that in my post title I used the term "manips."  This term originated in one of our more tense data meetings when discussing all the different things we have on hand that we can use and out of nowhere someone says "manips" instead of manipulatives.  Now this might not be a big thing to anyone else but it was hysterical to our team because of WHO said it and now it is this big inside joke and that's all we call them :o)  Have to love those moments!

Okay, so back to what I'm supposed to be talking about!  I saw these Exploragons in an EAI Education catalog (very dangerous for the wallet by the way) and knew I had to have them, and I don't even teach math!?  I teach math on Wednesdays when I keep my homeroom and have math stations (TIMER Tubs) in my class for early finishers.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of my kiddos using them but here is a pic from their website.
Let me start by saying that I do not work for EAI and they do not pay me, so all my praise is just because I think this product is so great!  One kit is about $15 and comes with different color snap and flexible sticks, a protractor, ten large task cards, and 30 riddle like task cards.  It's an amazing center to use when studying geometry and measurement and because so many different activities come with it, it can be used for a long while without the kids be bored.  You can buy extra stick sets for about $7 but I've always had two students use this station at a time and they've never needed more.  Because I'm so OCD and love organizing I also love that it comes in a pretty sturdy Ziploc bag to hold it all.  The kids LOVE it because it is fun and hands on but I love how much they learn and literally explore with even realizing it!

Here is what they have to say about their product:

Exploragons™ are a hands-on manipulative tool that allow students to explore geometric concepts in the classroom. Students can easily snap the flexible sticks together and explore polygons and plane geometry. Exploragons™ come in 8 different lengths and colors, which enable students to create a variety of angles. Protractors with a special nub are included, which allow any of the Exploragons™ to easily attach, in order to measure angles.

The Teacher Set includes 30 Quick Check Cards that feature short activities which can be handed out to individual students or small groups. The set also includes 10 Dry-Erase Task Cards, great for practice with vocabulary, shape attributes, and can be photocopied for use as blackline masters.

- 76 Exploragons™ pieces
- 4 Clear Protractors
- 30 Quick Check Cards
- 10 Dry-Erase Task Cards

Concepts covered:
- Basic vocabulary
- Shape attributes
- Proper shape names
- Angle relationships and measurement
- Informal arguments involving angle relationships among polygons
- Parallelism
Alright, well maybe not so short and sweet, lol.  I'm excited to see what everyone else is linking up with and don't forget to check out Jessica's blog!  She could also use some love and prayers sent her way for her friend and fellow teacher through this difficult time.  We've all been at hard places in our life and it's the love and support we get from family, friends, and sometimes strangers that get us through it and make the difference.  I know she would appreciate it and even though I've never met her in person, she has always been very supportive of me and my endeavors and I would appreciate it if y'all could do the same for her.
Thanks for always being so wonderful and have a great night!


  1. I've never seen those before, but I think I need them :) My fourth graders would love them and they would be a great addition to my math workshop. Thanks for introducing me to them.


  2. Thank you so much for linking up, and most importantly your sweet comments. My bloggy friends really are the best.
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