Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five for Friday Flashback!

It's Friday Saturday and that means is Friday linky time, lol (Obviously I didn't get to finish this post yesterday)!  I'm linking up again with DoodleBugs Teaching's Five for Friday!

This week's recap...

We finally finished up our Mother's Day Cards!  I had to hold myself back from being my normal OCD perfectionist self and just let the kids create the cards however they wanted to.  They turned out great and the kids really like the outcome.  I'll definitely be using Tagxedo again for next year but maybe with a different media...

I went to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale today and grabbed each student a book to put inside their summer reading bags!  Let me tell you, this was a dangerous task.  We're lucky I made it out of there without going into the three digital dollar signs y'all!  I'm very happy with my purchases though and for the  new books to add to my classroom library. 

 This week we had H.B. Bolton, the author of The Serpent's Ring, visit!  I mentioned earlier this month, or maybe it was last month, that we were reading this book as a read aloud in homeroom before her big visit and it is really good so far!  My kids are really enjoying learning about Norse mythology and since most of them read The Lightning Thief earlier this year they are also making text to text connections.  What teacher doesn't LOVE that!?

She was also promoting her second book in the series where Evan and Claire, the main characters, are now dealing with Native American Mythology and in the third one they will travel to Camelot (my fav)!  Needless to say my kids were very excited and I was so proud of all their great and thoughtful questions they asked her.  She was very kind and took a picture with my kiddos and then took one with me.  Now, as all kids love to do, they photo bombed us!  The photo below was supposed to be just the author and I, lol, and as you can tell we had some company.  BUT I think it turned out even better than any of the other photos we all took and I couldn't be happier!  There is another one where you can see all the students and I think I'm going to give them that one as an end of the year gift, maybe ask her to sign them since she's a local celebrity :o)

Good news... I'm staying in 5th grade!!!  Sad news is I'm losing a team member :o(  Only to second grade though.  Now all I'm waiting on is to find out what our schedule will be like for next year.  Will we be departmentalized again? Teams of two?  Teach all subjects?  I'll keep you updated!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to me!  I bought an Erin Condren planner for next year and LOTS of wonderful goodies from the TPT sale.  I know some people might scoff at the amount I spent on a planner but I have been seeing them everywhere and I LOVE to be organized.  The new and updated version is EXACTLY what I need for next year and I just had to have one.  I worked ridiculously hard this year and I decided I needed a "Treat Yourself!" Day (anyone else watch Parks and Rec???) so I bought one!  Then I went on a major minor shopping spree during the TPT Teacher Appreciation sale and got some really great items for next year!  I'm so excited to start using them!  Anyone else already planning for next year???

 Hope you all had a terrific week!


  1. I got Modern Teacher's planner instead but came *this close* to getting an Erin Condren. I still might cave the closer it gets to school if I see someone's in real life. :-P
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  2. Congrats on staying in 5th grade. I'm hoping to go to 6th grade, but nothing has been made official yet. However, I'm already planning in my mind..... :)

    LOVE the Mother's Day Cards!


  3. Can't wait to hear if you will be departmentalized in fifth grade. I am fifth grade ELA and love reading other fifth grade blog posts. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. Scholastic Warehouse...a very dangerous place for me and my love for books! The one near me is not until the beginning of June. I love your idea of summer reading bags and I am hoping to find books for them there!

    Rosie's Rambles

  5. Hi!! :) I am so happy you are staying in 5th grade... you deserve it!! I never have been to the scholastic warehouse sales.. but maybe I should start, glad you got some great deals!!

    Thank you again for your generosity with my friend XOXO it means so much.. you are the sweetest. Have a wonderful night!!