Thursday, June 20, 2013

Word Nerds Chapter 2: Classrooms that Foster Word Confidence

A little housekeeping before we get into our book study...  I know everyone has seen the news about GFC going away and the switch to Bloglovin'.  Well I'm doing it!  I'm taking the plunge!  I would appreciate if you already follow me (or you want to!) to please begin following me on Bloglovin' :o)  Okay, now that that is out of the way, onto our book study!

Our Word Nerds Book Study continues with Chapter 2: Classrooms that Foster Word Confidence!  The chapter takes you through both a primary and intermediate classroom and shows you how two different teacher foster word confidence in their daily routines.

Our two lovely hosts for this book study today are...
Raye from The Caffeinated Teacher and Misty from Think, Wonder, & Teach.  Click on their button below to check out their posts.

The Caffeinated Teacher
Think, Wonder, & Teach
I'm going to give you just a brief run down of my thoughts on this chapter but will leave the bulk of the information to the wonderful ladies above!
Thoughts and feelings!
  • I was definitely intrigued by the idea of having kids practice getting excited and then immediately stopping to come back to the lesson.  I never thought about that approach because my first couple of years my kids had no trouble with that area whereas last year's students could not come back quickly after getting excited or going off for an activity.  Definitely be doing this next year!
  • Loved the concept of a teacher-convenient classroom vs. student-convenient classroom.  After reading the descriptions I really thought about my classroom and, thankfully, realized it was student-convenient!
  • The choosing vocabulary words went right along with my other book study on building mathematical comprehension!  Use words from the content you choose, words from your standards, and words that the students will see in other subject areas but need to know to be able to decode questions and what not later (Tier 2 words).  LOVED the metaphor of "Goldilocks" vocabulary words - just right for the students in front of us.  Don't we all know how that changes from year to year!
  • I'm totally going to start calling it a Vocabulary Cycle as opposed to a unit!  It's so true!  With a unit, it ends and the student's never retain it, but a cycle continually repeats itself and the students will need to recall the words throughout the year and their life!
  • Whenever I introduce vocabulary I always like to use a Prezi presentation with a kid friendly definition and a visual, but I really like their idea of the Vocabulary Planner to help me sort out all the information I need.  I would also like to go to some sort of Vocabulary Notebook.  Does anyone do this in their classroom?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Problems?
There you go folks, the writing in the margins so to speak!  You should see my book, lol.  It's all sorts of highlighted and written on with doodles and notes.  I'm thinking of bringing into the classroom to show my kids how I text code as I read and they can too!  Don't forget to check out Raye and Misty for their amazing insight to this wonderful book!  Head on back later today for Day 3 of my 300 Follower "Fun in the Sun" Giveaway!  If you haven't entered for Day 1 or 2 yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?  There are so many wonderful goodies from some extraordinary bloggers :o)


  1. Never thought about using Prezi for vocabulary presentations but I like it. I start my lessons with Hide & Seek Vocabulary (which I need to write a post on). For a vocabulary notebook... I like to do this inside of my interactive notebooks. I LOVE this tool. It is a resource for all sorts of things. I shared some more ideas in my post. Oh and also look for a post on my blog about vocabulary writing... another great idea to keep using vocabulary after the unit is over.


  2. GFC isn't going away, just google reader :)

    1. Oh good! Whew I'm safe then :)


  3. This was TOTALLY my favorite chapter so far! :) I really loved the specificity in the lesson planning section. I've got some great work to do over the summer as I take a look at what I did last year to make it better! So exciting! :)
    Thanks for sharing this book with me! ;)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  4. This book has completely changed the way I want to teach vocabulary in my classroom. AND it was an easy read. Have I mentioned that I have read the WHOLE thing already???? :)


  5. I think this Chapter was a nice reinforcement of things I already do (have supplies available, model expected behaviors) but also some great strategies to try (compliment jar, devoting a specific time each day to vocab). I'm chomping at the bit to dig in to select words but know I need to finish the book first! :-)

    From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files