Sunday, June 9, 2013

An Apple a Day: Classroom Decor

I am putting Social Studies Sunday on hold for the summer y'all (because all my goods are at school, lol) but I will bring it back in August!  Until then I will be linking up with the super cute Leigh from The Applicious Teacher for An Apple a Day Linky Party. We met yesterday at the Central Florida Blogger Meet Up and I just love her!  And we're neighbors!  So excited :o)

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Okay, back to why I'm posting today!  Leigh is starting her very first linky party and I can't wait to join!  I love this idea!  She calls it the "easiest PD you'll do all summer... and it's from your couch!"  LOVE IT!  Today I am linking up my classroom décor: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And the hopeful!

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Here are some posts of Classroom décor past...

Sports Theme
Click here for more pictures and posts on my sports theme.
Classroom décor present...

I'm going for a "Bag of Skittles Threw Up in Here" theme


Click here for more pictures and posts on this past years theme.

Classroom décor future...

Well besides loving the look of a rainbow explosion in my room, it was also the "Pinterest" room, thanks to last summer's Monday Made It with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.  I don't have A LOT of money to spend on redecorating and buying more stuff but I know what I WOULD like to take it more into the Polka Dots route.  I know that's probably outdated but I just love dots, what can I say?

Definitely doing this to my table during preplan!  I already have the polka dot bulletin board trimmers from Lakeshore in a multitude of colors (hello rainbow explosion) but I think I'm leaning towards more blues and greens and random pops of color for next year.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm arranging/decorating the room yet for two reasons:

1. I don't know what I'm teaching next year.  I might be just ELA/SS again or be self-contained, I'll keep you updated!

2. This monstrosity that is my front wall.  Now, you might be thinking to yourself, it's burnt orange-ish and you're a huge Longhorn fan.  What could be wrong with that?  Nothing!  I love me some Longhorns but not painted on my classroom wall adjacent to a dusky rose wall of cabinets.  I feel like all my décor is competing with those two walls!?  I know it's not awful, I'm making a bigger stink than necessary and on their own they are nice colors, just not what I would use to compliment all my stuff.  Any advice on how to make it all work?

So there you have it, my classroom décor idea for next year!  Don't forget to link up with Leigh over at The Applicious Teacher and let us know what you plan to do.  I LOVE to see other people's ideas!  Also, don't forget tomorrow is Must Have Monday!  What can you not live without???  Link up tomorrow and let us know :o)


  1. I love your blog. I just realized we used the same pack from Sweet Shoppe Designs! Love how you used it too. Your room will be awesome, I'm sure!


  2. Had such a blast yesterday, girlie! Thanks for linking up! Lovin' the "Skittle Bag" theme. Pinterest makes everything look so cute and easy! LOL! Can't wait to see how you attach the fabric to the table.

    The Applicious Teacher

  3. Okay...I had this really detailed comment and then my internet decided to konk out on me and I lost it. :( Boo! :( Anyway...I really like your polka dot theme idea! :) I was thinking...would a bright yellow polka dot theme go well with those cabinets and that wall? Even blue and yellow might be nice. Like the blue in that small ball you have hanging from the ceiling? Just thinking out loud, I suppose. I have a pirate themed table skirt on my table and I really really love it! :) I know you'll love yours too once you make it! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  4. I like your Skittle bag throwing up theme :)

  5. I think I have the same Skittle bag throwing up theme going on! I used to have tropical Skittles and the original version, I'm slowing getting down to one bag! Your room is darling, I like the yellow/blue idea from Tamara Russell, that might accent that wall nicely!

  6. So much fun meeting you yesterday:) Who doesn't love skittles?!?! Polka dots are such fun! I have a table skirt on my list of things to do this summer too. If only I can learn to thread a needle before then! Wish me luck.

    The Resourceful Apple

  7. Hi there! I like the polka dot theme! It's so cute! For your cabinets could you put pics of your class or make it seasonal stuff? That way you wouldn't have to make it all blend in-- it would just change with the season or activity you are working on. You could just laminate some pretty scrapbook paper and place pictures with a simple title or put seasonal art work/ craftivities up (other than your clipboard area--which is really cute, too!)? Just an idea. Whenever I have space like that I put up pictures or student work that way I don't have to "think too hard" on what to put there. Also, the skirt around the table is fabulous! I am just not that crafty and patient for that-- I love!!! And I like the skittles look as my new look will also look similar!

    Your newest follower (well soon to be-- I am having issues changing users)!
    First Grade and Flip Flops

  8. I think your dots are cute too! I've been wanting to put up clipboards for my student's work as well - how did you hang them on your wall?

  9. A friend of mine at school asked me to make her a class decor pack with polka-dots as the theme. She's had polkadots for a long time (4yrs) and she likes them. For the last 4 yrs it was primary colors but this year I'm making her go turquoise/hot pink/purple.

    I have a tableskirt (see my link) my mom made it. I know a lot of people want to make one so I might have her do a post on it;) We didn't sew anything and we attached it with velcro. Mom might kill me but I'm switching themes so she's going to have to make a new one.

    I also used that green polka-dot border. It was the only border I used this year and I used a 3 colors of paper. It made my room very cohesive. My other suggestion would be use 1 color of butcher paper and the same border but with 4-different colors all around the room. You can also double border.

    Okay, I've written an essay here - night.
    This Little Piggy Reads

  10. Oh, after writing that essay...I forgot to tell you that you can buy contact paper and cover those dusty rose cabinets. Yes, it will take a while but it will be worth it. Luckily mine are natural wood and blue (match my room). That way you could do blue, lime, orange and maybe purple or hot pink polka-dots and they would probably match:)


  11. I have those same color cabinets in my room. I am using the dot borders, one with a black background and the other with a yellow background. They work well together in there with that color. I also used colored dessert paper plates for my headings. I put one letter on each plate and then lined them up together. I don't remember which blog that idea came from. On some I put the dessert size inside a different color dinner size one. It looks cute and I've had a lot of compliments. I hope I haven't totally confused you. I wish I could post pics but I had to take it all down at the end of the year. Happy decorating!