Monday, June 10, 2013

Must Have Monday: I couldn't imagine life without...

Okay y'all, I had a post all ready to go with an actual factual "thing" for Must Have Monday, but then life kept happening all week and it became apparent that I needed to bump my "must have" to next week and do something a little bit different today.  My "must have" this Monday is my husband.

I know, you're probably thinking obvious but you know when life just keeps happening and getting in the way and you get frustrated or moody and then when the sky clears you think, "Oh my gosh, they were really great and supportive through all that.  I can't believe they didn't call my butt out or tell me to put my big girl panties on and deal with it."  Or maybe they did and that's great because they're the only person who will tell you that?  Well that just happened, or feels like it's happening a lot (the poor guy).  I'm still always so amazed that my husband loves me in spite of my craziness, weirdness, stubbornness, ever changing mind, no filter mouth, sarcasm, etc.  Heck he even loves me MORE because of some of that stuff?!

As much help and support that I get from the blogging community, I absolutely could not do this without him.  He is so understanding when I'm on the computer instead of spending time with just us, or he is the first one to help me with my craft summer projects for Monday Made It, he's the first person I show all my ideas/products to (even though he probably has no idea what he's looking at, lol) and he is the first to always tell me "go for it."  I could never thank him enough for all he does for me and I know without a doubt I am one lucky gal to have him.

Next week I promise to be back with a "must have" that will be beneficial to you, haha, but I just felt like this needed to be said and was long overdue.  So what is a must have in your life?  Don't forget to add the button to your post and have it link back here!  Also, leave some comment love on at least two other blogger's "must haves."  Who doesn't love comments?!  Head back tomorrow if you would like to help me out with my 300 Follower Giveaway (I feel like I just had my 200!?  It's so exciting!)!


  1. Sounds like you both lucked out in the spouse department- you have a great hubby and he has a fantastic wife!!! Love this!!

    Koonce’s Korner

  2. AWH! I love the wedding pics, Sabra! I couldn't live without my hubby-bubby either! Thank you for sharing! If you need help with your giveaway, girlie, hit me up!

    The Applicious Teacher

  3. Loved this! :) Ya'll are both so cute! ;) Now I wish that had been my Must Have Monday post! :) Thanks so much for hosting this for us! :) So excited to read what everyone else can't live without this week! :)
    Can you believe I slept in until 9...although, it wasn't all that restful. :/ Left my alarm on for the regular school week. It's on my phone and was in the couch. Laziness prohibited me from getting up to get it. It rang every half an hour until 9. LOL! I'm a hoot sometimes! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  4. My boyfriend and I have been together 4.5 years (with an engagement on the horizon), and he was just in Scotland for 11 days on a business trip. I already knew I wanted to marry him, but not having his support and company made me so absolutely certain that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Isn't love grand? :)

  5. This is the BEST blog post I've read in a long time! You brought a smile to my face. LOVE it!!!!! Thanks soooo much for changing your Must Have! to this one.

  6. This is SO sweet!!! You guys are both lucky to have each other:) Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and being my bloggy buddy! You have such a loving heart:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  7. I loved reading your post! It made me smile because I share those same things with my sweet husband. I am a new follower and I will join this link up next week!


  8. Awwww...what a sweet post! Your husband reminds me of my husband. We are lucky gals!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  9. Such a sweet post Sabra!!! Love, love, love!

    I FINALLY linked up... even though I'm like a bazillion years late to the party! :) At least I made it LOL!

    And girl, I was reading your BIO and we have SO MANY things in common!!!! It's awesome!!!

    Sticky Notes & Glitter: A First Grade Adventure!