Monday, April 21, 2014

What to do with those Extra Eggs???

Easter has passed, you've stuffed yourself with one too many chocolate bunnies and you have these plastic eggs laying all over your house and not a clue what to do with them.  You don't want to throw them away because you just bought them and they are perfectly good eggs, but do you really want them to take up storage space until next year (when let's be honest, I'll forget that I have them and buy new ones anyway).  What's a teacher to do!?
Here is what I did with mine and a list of other fabulous ideas to help you decide!
1. Test Prep Egg Hunt
The "Big Test" is coming up and I was thinking a fun way to review would be to have an egg hunt.  I found these super fun eggs at our local craft store!  I really liked the ones with faces and I put the harder questions inside those.  That way my kids would remember that these were those "thinker" questions (they were also worth more points).

I printed off different test prep questions and folded them into small squares that fit inside each egg. 

Helpful hint!  If you do this I recommend also putting the question number on the outside of the egg as well as inside on the question.  To do this without permanently changing your eggs, write the number with a sharpie on a piece of tape and place it on the egg.  When the hunt is over you can peel the tape off and use the eggs again for something else!
Because of the weather and playground equipment repairs we had our egg hunt in the media center.  You can easily do this in your classroom but it was nice to have a big open space where the students could work and not be on top of each other.
I gave each student an egg to hide.  They had to hide it in plain sight so everyone had a chance to find them all though.  Here are a couple of our superior hiding spots!
Even Arthur wanted in on the hunt!

My favorite!!!  Hanging with Harry ;o)

How good is this one!?  That egg blends right in with the ducks!
They worked in their Academic Games groups to move about the room and find the eggs and write down their answers on their answer sheet.  They had to answer the questions right there and place the egg back where they found it.  Really the only reason I did this was so that clean up was easier, haha, since everyone had to go back and pick up their egg they hid at the end.
This was a smashing success!  I'm pretty sure I could use these eggs at any time for an activity like this and my kids won't mind ;o)
2. Easter Egg Math
The Happy Teacher has a great freebie that allows you to use those extra eggs to practice math fluency facts!  Included is a recording sheet for students!  Addition is a little too easy for my kiddos but this is easily changeable to fit your classroom.  Click on the photo to grab your own copy!
3. 20 Plastic Egg Activities
Jenae from I Can Teach My Child has a list of 20 different activities to do at home or the classroom with those extra eggs.  My favorite is the synonyms and antonyms!
What do you do with your eggs???