Saturday, April 5, 2014

SUPER SCIENCE! Just in time for the BIG test too!

Everyone knows that science is what you make it (as is teaching all the subjects really).  You can either let those kids read that textbook and call it a day, which is not bad - just not me, or if you are a multi-media kind of gal/guy like me, then you like to incorporate everything possible and watch their eyes light up with excitement!  I am BIG on our interactive notebook and we get our information for those from anywhere and everywhere we can.  Here are a few of my go to sources that I would highly recommend to any science teacher.
BrainPop and StudyJams are where it is at!  If you have not checked out these videos you are missing out.  BrainPop has knowledge-packed videos along with activities and quizzes that really help the students get a better understanding or background knowledge on a topic.  Thankfully, they also have videos for all the other subjects as well.  The bummer part is they do cost money, but in my humble opinion (as my teammate would say), it is TOTALLY worth it.
StudyJams is very similar in that it has knowledge-packed videos that are a few minutes long but they also have an interactive "Test Yourself" feature that my kids love.  The beauty of StudyJams is that it's free!  They only have videos for Math and Science though, but what a wealth of videos!
If you teach science in upper elementary or middle school or high school and have not checked out Mr. Parr, you are missing out!?  He is a definite go to when trying to differentiate for your learners in your classroom.  He writes songs about the different topics and units of study based on popular music that your kids can relate to.  He has over a 100 songs to choose from so go check him out!  This one on the Rock Cycle is one of my favorites!
Lakeshore sells these Science Activity Tubs for the different units and inside each tub is eight different labs with everything included to set up and get started!  We only have the Properties of Earth on in our class but it filled with wonderfulness!  If you have a chance to snag one, or DonorsChoose it, it is so worth the money!  A perfect way for kids to learn through experimenting of even just review.

 Science is just so fun to teach... I hope you share the love!  There are so many amazing resources out there, you just have to look for them!  Luckily, I have brought them to you :o)  Remember how I told you I was BIG into out interactive Science Notebook?  Well a few of my BBB's have totally come through for me when I needed material for them and we have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads for you!

There are two of my products included that will surely be loved by your students (mine did)!  

 Cooking with Science: Physical and Chemical Changes is just a down right fun way to apply science to the real-world.  Through an interactive read-aloud and a delicious lab where students make homemade butter and pancakes, your kiddos will be able to detect physical and chemical changes not only on their test but in their own kitchens as well!  Check out my blog post for more behind the scene pictures and details.

Both labs have a homemade recipe, directions, and lab sheet that integrates reading, math, science, and critical thinking skills!  Even today when I ask the kids what they love most about 5th grade so far...  Pancakes is always on top!

In conjunction with the labs,  I also have SCOOT! Physical and Chemical Changes in the bundle!  The cards range from easy to what I call "thinkers."  I don't like telling kids something is difficult because then a lot of them give up without ever trying.  These require the students to stop and THINK.  This is a perfect way to reinforce the skills and apply them all while moving around the room.
For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 65% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to be things you love!  

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!
Have fun teaching everyone!

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