Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables Galore!

Have I mentioned how much I am LOVING interactive notebooks this year!?  Especially our science notebook!  Last year was all about my Social Studies notebook and this year is all about science and I have to say that it has gone better than I anticipated.  Sometimes I use foldables and interactive notebooks from other sellers and sometimes we just create greatness in our notebooks ourselves.  Today I am sharing one of my favorites!  My BBB Jivey, from Ideas by Jivey, has an amazing Weather Interactive Notebook and Foldables pack that is perfect for our weather unit!
One of the things I love most about her pack is that my students could easily follow the directions on each foldable and put it in their notebook without any hand holding or step by step directions from me.
Then they can go back to their textbooks, or whatever other resources we are using, and fill in their foldable with all the important information we went over or will be going over.
There are five types of foldables: types of precipitation, types of clouds, water cycle, weather instruments, and weather fronts.  There is also an answer key included which was nice!  Even though I used my own resources, it was good to see what basics they should have written down.  I especially love this weather instruments foldable because it has the pictures of the tools already there for you!  my kids always want to draw the pictures from our labs so they don't forget what they look like and these would have been too difficult, so it was perfect!
The flaps give you just enough room to write down definitions or add pictures but they are not too big that they won't fit on your page.  Because the foldable are blank inside, it really gives you leeway to make the concept as simple or advanced as you want your kids to go.  Which was perfect for my ELL students and my kids who finished early or needed enrichment!
Some friends and I have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads for you and luckily you can find Jivey's Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables in there!

For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 65% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!

If you teach weather, or really any of these other topics, this bundle is a must for you!  As a fifth grade teacher in Florida, our students take the FCAT Science test this year and these resources have been so helpful!  Especially for our fair game knowledge from third and fourth grade!  I hope you enjoy and grab it while you can!

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