Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Word Nerds Chapter 3 Part 2 and Bloglovin Winners!

I know, I know.  I'm SUPER behind on this post.  It was due last Thursday but the craziness with trying to get this house, getting all of our paper work in order and just trying to get the other stuff in my life done has been hectic to say the least.  Better late than never!
This chapter was all about introducing your vocabulary and I have to admit that there were few similarities in what I do and what these ladies do : /  Not to say what I've been doing is wrong, but it was interesting to see the different methods of implementation.  Our vocabulary cycles usually only last five days: give the words on Monday and test on Friday.  Yes, very old school, I know.  The idea of focusing on words for ten days would be great!  I'm definitely going to have to bring this up to my team at our next meeting!

I loved the idea of the sentence and word prediction and the vocabulary journals.  I already know that I will have to work hard at not giving them the answer right away during the prediction process, lol.  My question is, what do you do with those low babies that absorb the first thing they hear and they stick with it?  I'm guessing the ten days will be enough time to rewire their brains, haha.  I also LOVED how she essentially taught social studies while introducing the vocabulary words!

That's it for this chapter, it was pretty short and sweet!  There are lots of ideas I plan on implementing and I would like to keep some of my old goodies as well, but if I'm extending my vocabulary cycle to ten days then there is time to fit it in in other places.  How do you introduce your vocabulary?  By clicking on the image above you link up and see what others have to say about their vocabulary introduction!

Now for the good stuff, my Bloglovin giveaway winners!!!!

Congratulations to Andre and Emily!  Emily was also a winner for my 300 follower giveaway!  Buy a lotto ticket girl!  Thank you to everyone who followed me on Bloglovin and all your support!  I have found so many fun blogs to follow throughout this giveaway and I love my daily Bloglovin feed.  So fun!

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