Thursday, July 25, 2013

Word Nerds Ch. 7: Spreading Vocabulary Wings

The authors open the chapter with morphology and immediately introduce the Crystal Ball activity.  I. AM. IN. LOVE.  When you check out our host's posts you'll get a more in depth look at this activity but I will try and sum it up.  All the students are doing is breaking down a word into prefix, root, and suffix.  From there they find the definition of those three parts and then come up with as many words as they can think of that include those specific parts (use that schema!).  What began as breaking down the meaning of one word, essentially turned into the students learning 41 more words!  I always taught morphology in my class but I don't think my kids ever "got it" like these guys did in the book.  Definitely reevaluating how I will be teaching that next year!  And I have to add in that I also adore the Pirate vs. Rascal talk!  I will also be incorporating that into most of my vocab lessons, not just after I read the book!  I'll go into my detail on that topic later, whenever I try it in my class, but I know these ladies are going to tell you all about it and I don't want to spoil it ;o)

Our lovely hosts for this chapter are Shannon from I Run Read Teach and Allison from Eberopolis (who started back to school today!?).

I Run Read Teach

Head on over to their blogs to learn more about morphology, using children's literature (they name specific books!) as a way to teach different forms of vocabulary, and so much more!  Don't forget to link up your thoughts and ideas below as well!


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