Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pizza Box Possibilities

At the end of every year we are able to put in a supply order with our school to buy more things we might need for our classroom.  Well this is my first year being able to buy as an individual and not as a whole team and I might have gone a littler overboard with some random items.  One being 8" white pizza boxes.  So my team called me in today to find out why in the world I was getting pizza boxes, was I starting a business on the side? Lol!  I told the girls I wanted to use them for centers and then I started noodling on what else I could use them for and instantly thought of book reports.  I once saw a classroom where the students made them into portfolios to hold all their masterpieces until the end of the year, but they were the larger pizza boxes.  I want to know what other ideas you have for small pizza boxes in the classroom!


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