Thursday, May 10, 2012

Basket Bonanza and Mother's Day

Tonight was our school's second annual Basket Bonanza and it was a smashing success!  A lot of my kiddos showed up to volunteer and I got to put my raffle tickets in for a lot of great baskets.  I even put in for two free round trip Jet Blue tickets (fingers crossed, Mr. S and I could use them for the honeymoon)!  I had to leave early so I'm not sure if I won yet, but I sure hope so.  There were some amazing creations there and lots of great gifts ideas for the holidays this year!  Our class voted on the theme Mother's Day for our basket and here is what we came up with...

  • Best Mom coffee mug
  • $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card (for breakfast in bed)
  • Two tabloid magazines
  • Bubble bath and lotion
  • Back massager
  • Ghiradelli chocolate
  • Paint Your Own Plate Kit
  • Three blank Mother's Day Coupons
  • Mother's Day card
The lovely ladies of the PTA and front office wrapped it in cellophane and made it look worth a million bucks!  Gotta love cellophane :o) 

Speaking of Mother's Day, we just finished our Mother's Day projects and I am VERY pleased with how they turned out!  Since they are in fifth grade I wanted to something that they didn't think was too "babyish."  So what do all teachers do when they are in a creative bind... go to Pinterest!  I found the front cover from Martha Stewart and I created the back on Phrint Shop. 

(At the bottom, students write their name next to Published By, but I shaded it out here for privacy purposes)

On the top is the Author's Spotlight where we included a recent picture of the student, their name, age, height, favorite color, favorite subject in school, favorite TV show or movie, favorite book, favorite food, and what they want to be when they grow up.  Along the bottom right are three coupons for mom: one free hug, an uninterrupted nap, and breakfast in bed.  The kids all voted that those were acceptable and probable coupons, haha.  The bottom left is a Mother's Day BioPoem that the kids wrote from their point of view of their mother.  It was really funny and interesting to see how some of these kids see their mom.  Kind of makes you wonder what they think about you???  Tomorrow we will wrap them in our big envelopes so they can take them home this weekend for Mother's Day!


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