Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Freebie

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mommas out there!   My mother has been so much of an inspiration to me throughout my life and she still seems to have an impact, even when she's a whole state away.  Ah the power of motherhood.  Since my momma taught me to share well with others I am attaching a Mother's Day Freebie... my Fluency Reading Chart Tracker!

This past year we gave our students an ORF (Oral Reading Fluency) every other month and I wrote their scores down along with their accuracy, which was great... for me.  The kids really had no idea how they were doing over a long period of time.  I would tell them their score after each test and if they had improved or not but after that they pretty much forgot.  For next year I am planning on having the students put these in their Reading Notebooks to keep all year long.  The top line above Date and Percent Accuracy is, you guessed it, the date!  The bottom line is, no brain buster here, their accuracy!  I'll have them color in a bar graph for each reading as we go and hopefully this visual aid will encourage them to want to keep their fluency scores up.  Now here is the tricky part, I still don't know what grade I'm teaching?!?!?!  Can you tell I'm anxious?  Let's hope I have a grade that reads up to 300 words per minute, lol.


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