Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More American Revolution

A few posts ago I mentioned how we were ending the year with the American Revolution.  Here are just a few more activities.  I'm really impressed with the ABC Charts!  This was my first year doing them and I was so thrilled with what the students came up with.

A Flip Book About Taxes on the Colonies (don't mind the water mark on the right corner)

 Step Book of the Boston Tea Party (Cause, Effect, and Repercussions)

ABC's of the American Revolution

This was a 12x18" (I think) sheet of white paper that was folded five times.  Each letter had to hae a vocabulary word and a sentence that used the word correctly so I knew they understood the meaning.  Ten of the letters also had to have an illustration.  Now this student didn't write sentences but the definitions to each word, but I loved his artwork and creativity and really you could do it either way with your class!

I will try and type up the instructions soon and post them (I just wrote them down on notebook paper and put on the ELMO) but here is the vocabulary list that I gave each table to use.  They were allowed to use any of the words I gave them or come up with some on their own.  I let them use their Social Studies book, Domino Cause and Effect page, past notes, and picture books to figure out the definitions of words they were unsure of.

These activities are also easy to manipulate and use in another subject or topic!  Enjoy!



  1. Love these ideas. I teach a combined 5/6 class and we did world history last year, this year will be American history. :). I have to admit that we honestly didn't do a lot of Social studies last year. My goal is to do it justice this year. :)

  2. We just finished our American Revolution unit today in 5th grade so this will work perfectly for us to do for a couple of days before our test. Thanks for the great idea AND the printable vocab. List. You're my hero!! :)


  3. Haha you're so welcome Shannon! That's my favorite topic and I can't wait to get to it. We're in the Colonies right now so it's coming up!

  4. Are these available to purchase in your tpt store?

    1. The top two items are from a Scholastic resource book and the ABC Chart has a vocabulary list that you can click on to use! Hope this helps!