Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apps for the Classroom

So in the past few days I have stumbled upon some fantastic apps for the classroom.  I'm sure some of you have probably come across these a while ago but I'm a newbie to the smart phone so this is exciting for me!

1. Book Source's Classroom Organizer - Classroom Organizer is a free web-based program that allows users to maintain and inventory books in your classroom library. With this amazing tool you can:

- Import titles from your files
   - Add your existing titles
- Import your student roster
- Enable students to check out and return books
- Run assessment reports on student and title activity

I just started scanning my books on Friday and it was addicting!  On Monday I think I will assign a student who has finished their Think 30! Reading Log to scan more!

2. Stick Pick - Allows you to draw a student's name from an on-screen can of popsicle sticks.  When you enter your roster (can enter mutliple groups) you will assign a level of complexity to each student, including ESL, so when that student is picked it will generate a set of questions based on their cognitive and linguistic level.  You choose the one you want to ask and then grade them with a correct, incorrect, or opinion option.  They also have a critical thinking rubric (Bloom's Taxonomy & Bloom's Revised) or degree of elaboration rubrics (ESL Mode).  Hello Marzano!!!

Now this app does cost $2.99 but I bought it today and already started inputting my rosters and complexity levels.  On Monday I will give it a whirl and let you know how it works!

If anyone else already uses this tool, or any other apps, in their classroom please let us know how you implement them!

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  1. I teach second grade and I have been using this app for about 2 years. I love it! It ensures that I call on all students especially those shy children who try to hide!:)