Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finally in the Classroom!

All summer I have been waiting to get into my room and get started but they sent out an email saying, "Hey, we won't let you in until the Thursday before preplan.  You can also come in Friday for half the day but no AC.  Good luck!"  Ugh...  So I really had one and a half days to get it ready before all the meetings and planning began.  Here are some pictures of what I walked into:

Anyone who knows me knows I like to switch it up all the time.  So of course most of what was left up from last year is going, going, gone!  I mostly just worked on one wall today, as you can tell, lol.  Usually my room looks like a bag of Skittles threw up, so as long as there is color everywhere I feel good about it :o)  This is a photo of my guided reading table (far left, hard to see) and the tall bookshelf will essentially be my desk.  You can see the reading area with my focus strip, reading strategy posters, and CAFE board.

Again the reading area and the table on the right will be used for my Word Work for the Daily 3.  I'm only doing Daily 3, not 5, since intermediate is a little different in how we work this was just easier for all of us: Read to Self, Word Work, and Writing Connection.

Across from the Word Work table is another bookshelf with all my nonfiction and author study books.  The bulletin board above that bookshelf is used for our Prefix/Suffix note cards we create throughout the year.

I will be back in there tomorrow (fan in tow!) and hopefully keep working my way around the room.  Now back to cutting, gluing, creating, and the OLYMPICS!



  1. It's looking good so far. I am still 4 1/2 weeks away from going back to school and all these posts about people being in their classrooms are making me anxious!

    Thinking of Teaching

  2. Can't wait to see what your room looks like when you are done with it! I am your newest follower :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!

    Little Lovely Leaders