Friday, August 24, 2012

My Vistaprint creations came in today!!!

I am obsessed with Vistaprint!  I think this is my third order since the end of July, lol.  They keep emailing and I keep buying :o)  I love stalking scouting out other blogs to find new ideas also!


I made this super cute "while you were out" slip for students to take around with them to their other classes and write down the work an absent student is missing and when it is due.  It was just a note pad and I tweaked all the wording!  The note pad is a pretty good size and should last me the whole year.

Our weekly Name that State homework stays in a paper bag suitcase that we create in class, so I put these labels in their planner every week so parents know what the student's scores were.

Whenever we have parent conferences they always seem to ask, "What is their lexile?"  or "Are they reading where they should be?"  Since we take the SRI test three times this year I got a couple sheets of these labels for their planners.

This might be my all time favorite!  I found this idea on the blog Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge and fell in love.  It is a magnet for students to use at home on the fridge and put up their good work.  I came up with this poem and found a background design on Vistaprint that matched.  I know it's a little pink but the boys will live! LOL  As our first test grades and projects are getting passed back I will attached them with a paper clip to their great scores.  It doesn't necessarily need to be a 100, just what is good for them specifically.  I got 25 for free, then after I confirmed my order they offered a, "You can add extra items to your order in the next 10 minutes, no extra shipping!"  It's usually just more of the stuff you just bought but for a discount, so I got another 25 magnets for $5 and they just added it on to my order, no extra for shipping.

My very first piece of Sanjurjo stuff!  In case you're wondering, "WHAT is Sanjurjo stuff?" It's my new last name!  These are thank you cards and will def come in handy for the upcoming holidays.
These are just a few things I made up for our wedding :o)  The first is a door hanger for the hotel rooms that will go in the Welcome Bags.  Just imagine a hole punched out in the top ;o)

We have kind of a rustic theme, hence getting married at a ranch, and are getting married under a tree, so I made these return address labels to use on our thank you cards.  They look much prettier without the gray smudge though!
There you have it!  My newest creations, lol.  I have many more here on the blog under the Vistaprint link and I'm sure will be adding many more as the year continues :o)

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  1. I absolutely love that idea of the door hanger! SUCH a smart idea!!!

    Miss V's Busy Bees