Monday, August 20, 2012

Hallway Bulletin Boards

So I just realized that I forgot to add in my outside bulletin boards to my classroom tour!  Lol, oops!

I work in an area where not all of my students will be able to afford to go to college.  Instead of them asking themselves, "Will I go to college?"  I want them to ask themselves, "Which college will I go to?"  These are the four major public schools in our state and we plan on putting photos of famous alumni from those colleges (including their wonderful teachers!) in the blank space beneath each pennants.

In Florida we have a program called Sunshine State Readers and this is our "brag" board for the entire 5th grade.  Whenever a student, or teacher, reads all 15 Sunshine State books, they will take a picture with their favorite book and we'll put it in the middle of a sun with their names on them and place it on the "brag" board!

Here are my reading bulletin boards!  I'm in love with the Reading Olympics one :o)  I am obsessed whenever the Olympics come on so I knew I had to incorporate them into my classroom somehow, so I used it for our Think 30  board.  Whenever a student reads 10 books I will put their name on a star and place it in the bronze medal area.  Same goes for 20 books in the silver category and 30 books for the gold!  The other side is a tracker for my two reading groups to see how many/which Sunshine State books they have read thus far.

Bulletin boards are a favorite of mine and I love stalking everyone else's to find new ideas.  If you have any great ones let me know!  I hope you enjoy our hallway!



  1. Your bulletin boards look great, Sabra! I'm almost finished getting mine done. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  2. I loooove bulletin boards as well. They are my favorite thing to do. I update mine often - it's a stress reliever! Yours look awesome!