Monday, June 11, 2012

My new Blog Button!

Here is my new blog button in all it's rustic glory!  I know it's a little small and I might try and make it larger one day but I cannot tell y'all what a hassel this has been for me.  Sometimes I like to think that I am a pretty tech savy gal... NOT FOR THIS!  This took me forever to figure out (and that is with help from Mr. S and lots of other smart women from the web).  So for now, this is it! LOL

A huge thanks goes out to Oikology 101 for giving me the simplest explanation when nothing was going right.



  1. I really wish I could make a blog button. Maybe I'll add that to my summer to do list-which is not getting done. :)

    Nice blog button by the way!


  2. Haha neither is mine! I feel like I'm doing a lot but nothing is getting accomplished because I keep jumping around from task to task. One day I would love to have a blog button that actually matches my blog design, lol, but for now I'm happy wiht this one! :o)

    Thank you!