Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Prezi Presentation

So I found this new presentation program, Prezi, which I'm sure most of you have already found but I love it!  It takes a little more time to create than PowerPoint but I like the effect better and I think the kids will enjoy it more also (it sort of simulates a roller coaster).  I have taken on the endeavor of creating a presentation to introduce each vocabulary unit.  I like having the ability to be able to show them a visual either with a picture or video.  I hate to admit that last year I did not do a good job of that with our vocabulary units and hope to make up for it with this bunch coming up.  Here is Unit One!

The possibilities are endless!  In case you were wondering, we use the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop (Level Blue).


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  1. Sabra,

    Someone just mentioned prezi to me at a workshop last week and I want to make some for US History. It seems VERY engaging and just like what the kids are used to. :)