Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's on Your Wish List??? Linky and Sale!

Hey y'all!  It's here, it's here!

As we are all prepping our classrooms, going through professional development, or in survival beginning of the school year mode we have been anxiously waiting to hear when our favorite and most wish-listed products will go on sale at TPT.

Well friends, I am happy to announce it is finally time!

In celebration of this momentous event, myself and a group of wonderful, wonderful bloggers came together to create a fun linky to showcase our shopping carts and our favorite products.

If there's one thing we teachers love to do, it's shop for our classrooms, right?


Join us by linking up with 2 of the top wish-listed products in your store and 1 product on your wish-list you just have to purchase! *If you're not a blogger or TPTer, still feel free to comment with your most wish-listed item!*
Here are two of my most wished for items (and I have to say they are some of my favorites as well)!
1. Fraction War Math Center
My kids absolutely love this center!  This is always the first one they grab when they get the opportunity and it is still a challenge for them every time!
2. Editable Back to School Pack: Open House and Getting to Know You Goodies
I am so happy and in love with this pack!  I just used it last week and got TONS of compliments from parents and co-workers.  This week my new kiddos are getting a chance to use it with the "Getting to Know You" portion and they love all the activities so far!
There is also plenty that I will be buying but one thing that I am very excited to snag is Farley's Back to School Pile It On!  I can't wait to try it with my new kiddos!
Link up below with your goodies as well!  What will you be buying this weekend?  Don't forget to use the code BTS13 for up to 28% off!!!!   Happy shopping y'all!

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