Friday, April 19, 2013

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

Now I know many people across the country have already adopted the Common Core but our county is rolling it out for 2nd - 5th next year.  That being said, I'm going to be needing A LOT of Common Core help this summer, lol.  I found this workbook through fellow blogger Holly over at Fourth Grade Flippers and even though I am not in fourth grade this year who knows what the future will bring!  I've checked out the sample pages from the Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook and it looks like GREAT resources, especially for small group.  I can't wait until they come out with their Fifth Grade Workbook!  They are giving away free digital copies until April 21st, so check it out!

Their product description:

"This Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook is the largest collection of resources for teaching the Common Core State Standards. This workbook includes over 850 pages of Worksheets, Activity Centers, and Posters that teach all the Fourth Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards and all the Fourth Grade Mathematics Common Core Standards!"

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