Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Linky

I know I'm a little late with this but I'm linking up with Latoya from Flying into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party.  I love this idea!  I'm learning so much about my fellow bloggers :o)  This week is all about Nouns: your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.  So here we go!

Person: Obviously my favorite person is the hubster!  I can't imagine life without him.  He is always bringing a smile to my face and making me laugh even in times when I am down.  We have the most fun together no matter where we go or what we're doing.  I love this man!
Place: My favorite place is Barnes and Noble, it's like my second home!  I love the smell of the books.  I could hang out all day and just read and browse and people watch.  Books are my go to, my escape from life when I just need a little break.  We are looking for a new home and every time we go look at a house one of my first thoughts is "how far is this from a Barnes and Noble?" (it's bad folks, haha).
Thing: Good thing animal is a category because my absolute favorite thing that I have ever purchased besides my pup is my Kindle!  I've had it for a couple years now and NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.  I have literally hundreds of books on there and could read them, and do, multiple times over.  I am constantly reading in my down time.
Animal:  Now this was easy.  My favorite animal is our dog Bailey.  She will be 6 in May and I got her when she was 4 weeks old.  We've been through a lot, her and I.  Wasn't she stinkin' cute!?  I mean she still is, but there is just something adorable about being that little.
I am excited to announce that soon I will have a new blog design thanks to Megan from A Bird In Hand.  She is also the brains behind I Teach. What's Your Super Power?  Be on the lookout!


  1. I LOVE Barnes and Noble as well! And I NEVER leave home without my Kindle either - it seems we're kindred spirits :)

    I just had Megan re-design my blog - it went live yesterday. It looks AWESOME - if I do say so myself :)

    Check it out! Megan was great to work with. Definitely worth it!

    Joy in the Journey

  2. What a cutie your dog was when she was a puppy! I'm a sucker for puppies! Then they get big and I'm in over my head!

    I love the smell of books, too. It's a problem, for real! I have thousands. Just in my classroom library alone. Hehe!

    I LOVE MEGAN! She designed our blog too! I can't wait to see it! You're gonna love it!!

    Collaboration Cuties

  3. Love the picture of you and your hubby. And your dog is adorable! I found you through Latoya's linky. I am excited to see your new blog design!! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten