Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First desk note of the year!

One of my favorite things to do to students is write them notes on their desk!  Usually it is a, "We missed you!" or "Welcome back," but occasionally when they leave a mess I like to leave the rant note, lol.  So this is the first one of the year!

Now this little darling has left all of this in his desk...  You might be saying, "Well it's his desk and he's a little messy.  So?"  NOPE!  In fifth grade they do not have desks since they switch classes.  Their backpacks are their desk and he shares this desk with 3 people.  So occasionally the desk fairy comes around and if it looks like a natural disaster in there I'll pull it all out for them to sort through and leave a little note.

If you have never left a note on their desk you should!  It is hysterical to watch their reactions when they come in in the morning and see that you wrote on the desk.  All you have to do is use an Expo marker for the writing utensil and TA DA!  It easily wipes off with a tissue but if you still have some smudges a baby wipe or Clorox wipe gets it all off.