Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweets for the Sweet!

I am collaborating with my girls over at A Class-y Collaboration for a wonderful Valentine's Day Freebie Link Up: Sweets for the Sweet!

Today I will be linking up one of my all time favorite activities to do on Valentine's Day with my big kids.  It's such a hard time with them because most of them are "too cool" for valentines yet others want to do it, so it's this fine line of what is appropriate for them and if they will even like it or find it too cheesy.

Now, the item in the pictures will be different than what you receive because my flash drive met an untimely demise earlier this school year and I lost A LOT of stuff.  This item being one of them.  Note to everyone reading this... GO COPY YOUR FLASH DRIVE NOW!!! 

This activity is called Famous Couples!  The student's wear name badges that have one name of a person or thing from a famous couple.  I make the badges into necklaces but you can also just tape them to their shirts.

Make sure the badge is on their back though!  They cannot know who they are!

The whole point of the game is to figure out who their person is by asking "yes" or "no" questions to everyone else in the room.  Using the clues they find out, they will try and guess who they are!

Once they have figured out who they are, they have to go find their famous pair.

There are a lot of different activities you could do with this after everyone has found their partner!  I usually have them write a creative story about how the famous couple met and how they became synonymous with each other.  It's hysterical what some of them come up with!

Don't forget to check out A Class-y Collaboration for more fabulous Valentine's Day freebies and feel free to link up your own as well! 


  1. We just played this game using celebrity names last week as a team-building experience. I LOVE your twist of couples and then having them work together on an activity. Great idea!

  2. This is glad I found your blog I would never have thought about a game like this...awesome!!!

  3. A fun party game to be sure! I can see holding on to these badges and using them the next time we need to pick quick partners for collaborative work/projects.

  4. A fun party game to be sure! I can also see holding on to these badges after Valentine's Day and pulling them out as a quick way to match students the next time we need partners for collaborative work/projects.

  5. What a fun activity! Like Laura, I plan to use them for Valentines, but will also keep them for when I need to partner up the kiddos. They find pairing cards so much more fun than me just randomly assigning them. :)

    Joy in the Journey