Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pumpkin Fest 2013: Pie in a Cup!

Yep, you're reading it right!  TWO POSTS IN TWO DAYS!  Be amazed y'all.  Be.  Amazed.  Yesterday I told y'all how our class got down and dirty with pumpkins using math and science labs to explore and learn.  Today I'm going to show y'all the second half of Pumpkin Fest: Pumpkin Pie in a Cup!  Mmm....

A teammate of mine did this with her son when he was in Pre-K but my fifth graders loved it none the less!  We poured 1 1/3 cup of cold milk and two 4 oz. boxes of vanilla pudding into a Ziploc bag.  Make sure you get all the air out and seal it tight!  Then pass the bag around your circle and have the students knead the bag for about a minute or until everyone has a turn.  It will turn this yellow color when it's ready.

Once everyone has had a turn, open the bag back up (be careful it's messy!) and add one 15 oz. can of pumpkin, 1 tsp. cinnamon, and 1/2 tsp. ginger.  Seal the bag again (remember to remove all the air).  Pass the bag around the circle again and let the students knead the batter once more.

Set the bag aside (I doubled the recipe and used two bags) and pass out little Dixie cups to each student.  Give each student half of a graham cracker and allow them to crush it in the bottom of the cup.  This will be their crust!

When everyone has crushed their graham cracker, cut a corner off of your Ziploc bag and proceed to fill up everyone's cup with the pumpkin filling.  It's fun to pretend to be a pastry chef!  I then let the kids come up and get the whip cream topping and begin the feast!

The kids thought it looked like baby food but really liked it!  I was surprised by how many students had never had Pumpkin Pie before.  I will say that with my 21 fifth graders one bag did the trick with these little Dixie cups!  So you have two options: 1. Fill 'em up a second time.  OR 2. Give them a little bit bigger cup (like the one's the dentist give you to swish with).  I hope you and your kids enjoy this activity!  I got the recipe from Making Learning Fun, so hop on over there for a printable version.
Happy Fall y'all!

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