Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CAFE in the Classroom

As I stated in my Daily 3 post, in the intermediate grades this structure looks different than the sisters write about in their book (then again, it could just be me!).  Once (maybe twice) a week, usually on Tuesday, I introduce the CAFE strategy of the week.  We discuss it as a whole class, how we have used it before, how we can use it with our novels we are reading and across the curriculum, and why it is important.  Each student has the following four pages in their Reading folder and we fill it out all together.  We also create a card together to put up on our CAFE board!  I ask the students to come up with visuals that would help them remember and we draw them on our card and the student's draw them in their strategy box.  Once we fill in the strategy and why it is important, I have the students write what it means to them and when they are finished they turn to their shoulder partner or face partner and "teach" the strategy and explain what it means to them.  I do this for multiple reasons: it helps me to figure out who "gets" the strategy and who still needs help, reinforces what was just taught, and it is another way for students to view the strategy.  I love them having their own copy of the CAFE board close at hand.  It helps them decide which personal goal they want to work on and if they happen to forget, then it is right there for them to look back on and remember what worked for them.  If you click on the pictures below you can grab a free copy of the organizers!


We are currently working on a novel study, so every week the students will apply what strategy we are working on with our book and their own books they are reading.  Our county has implemented the Comprehension Tool Kit this year and the CAFE strategies go hand in hand with this series!  I love it!  I don't really have any specific way that I choose which strategies to work on and when.  I just look at our lesson plans and figure out which one will fit cohesively or one that I am noticing we need help with.  How do you run CAFE in your class?


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  1. I think it would be fair to say I have become addicted to quite a few things in the last 12 months - pinterest, TpT, blogging and definitely DAILY 5 and CAFE! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

    I am your newest follower, I look forward to following along!

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